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Winner- Audubon Photography Awards 2020Winner Inaugural Kingbirder Contest March 2020Finalist Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020Fall Great Blue HeronTaking FlightShortlisted for Bird Photographer of the Year Contest 20192013 IMAGE OF THE YEAR  AVIAN CATEGORY  @BIRDPHOTOGRAPHERS.NET2014  AUDUBON MAGAZINE TOP 100 and selected for 2015 Audubon Calendar2014 AUDUBON  MAGAZINE TOP 1002014 Top 100 Audubon Contest and BPOTY Finalist 20182014 Top 100 Audubon Contest2016 Top 100 Audubon Purple Finch2017 Top 100 Audubon Contest2017 Top 100 Audubon Contest2018 Top 100 Audubon Contest2018 Top 100 Audubon ContestBPOTY Finalist 2018 FlightFinalist BPOTY 2018 PortraitFinalist BPOTY 2018 BehaviorFinalist 2018 BPOTY Portrait