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Thanks to Diana Calleja for the image

A trip to Africa in 2009 and my first encounter with a lilac-breasted roller (my spark bird), started me down this wonderful path of Avian Photography.
I love the time spent in the field quietly observing the birds and their unique, interesting and at times, funny behavior.
My feathered friends have taught me patience and attention to the smallest detail.
I love the travel to amazing places and spaces and the people I meet when pursuing this passion.


If you are interested in purchasing any print shown on my website please contact me at gailbisson@hotmail.com

All my prints on printed on archival paper (hannamuelle paper) and will last 100 years. All images are limited edition of 20.

8 x 10    $45.00 + shipping in cardboard tube

10 x 14   $60.00 + shipping in cardboard tube

12 x 18   $100.00 + shipping in cardboard tube.

16 x 20   $140.00 + shipping in cardboard tube.

I can print at various sizes - prices shown above will give you a general idea of cost.